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O lado paranóico da política


O lado paranóico da política

A opinião de...

Paulo Colaço, 04.11.08

A convite do Psico, três estudantes de um Master Internacional a decorrer em Lisboa escrevem sobre as eleições norte-americanas.

O primeiro é o italiano Valerio. Obrigado, caro Valerio pela tua colaboração.



Alright People I do this only because I love you so much:-)
usually this is part of my dont do`s of my bible:-) dont talk about religion and politics

You have to always remember that YES this election MAY be influencing the world but I still believe in European politics so my general opinion is that American Elections are a big peace of pop culture junk.
Both candidates dont really presents plans, they just talk about what they wanna do and the american audience dont even care how they r going to do that... they just scream at the end of every sentence of their candidate... I dont believe that americans are objective enough to vote on the real qualities of the campaigns.. its just a set up as gangs.. who is in the republican gang will vote rep and who is in the democrat gang will vote democrat nomatter what. So at the end it just comes down who can mobilise their gangs to go to vote... In general Democrats are lazyer in going to vote, thats why they lost the last 2 elections...
However, I have to give credit to Obama as a very attractive person in political terms and surely he s smart way of presenting his ideas qualify him to be a very valid president for the american pop culture.
Finally I wanna add my patriotical view of our EU. I think this bad 2 terms of the Reps in the US have enabled us to gain a lot in political strengh in the world, which is what i believe will bring the change in the world, not another American President...
I m sorry for not being that enthusiastic about this election, but I have lived the last election in 2004 in California, and I can tell you.. I have made up my mind about their election ways...

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